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The premier publisher of AI based comics and manga.

English Productions is a publisher of original comic books and manga creating using AI. We specialize in creating and releasing fresh, original content that is sure to entertain and engage readers.

What We Publish

Realms Magazine

Realms Magazine is a brand new illustrated magazine that explores science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk themes.
Join us as we delve into dystopian worlds, alternate realities, multiverse themes, and more.
Realms promises a wild ride in every issue.
To top it off, all artwork was created in conjunction with an AI. What could be more sci-fi than that?

AbsXcess (manga)

The immortal king has remained dormant for over 1000 years. In that time, humankind flourished but there are those who feel that humanity had become wicked and not worthy of the position they currently hold on the planet. they want to revive the king so that he may wipe the world clean and start over again.

The main group pursuing this goal are Nakaya clan. They scour the planet doing battle with beings of exceptional power in order to steal their Tamashi. Their soul. Once they’ve collected enough soul energy, they can transfer it to the ancient relic known as the Absxcess, which can then be used to resurrect the immortal king.

Orio Isamu (manga)

What’s it like to be trapped in Hell for all eternity?

Well if you’re Orio Isamu, princess of the demon world, Hell is boring as... well, Hell!

Being royalty, Orio basically doesn’t have to lift a finger in the Underworld and spends most of her time reading Hentai while imagining what it would be like to experience sex with a mortal.

With her mind made up and against her father’s wishes, Orio decides to leave Hell and enter the human world in search of a sexual experience. She enrolls herself in Enomoto Shoraku Academy and it is there that she meets HIM, Mizuno Yoshiiku, the highly intelligent but socially challenged boy whom no one seems to notice...

At least until SHE does that is!

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